Our Services

As a local car tyre specialist, we are renowned for providing a high level of customer service combined with local knowledge and a friendly, welcoming environment. From quality budget tyres to premium branded tyres, we have the widest selection available, so whatever car you drive, we've got the tyre to fit and you can book your next fitting online now.

The brakes on your vehicle are a complex system that we know inside out. In the new generation of vehicles on the roads today, more and more computer-controlled safety systems are being used. Our team are well equipped for any system that comes our way. Our team will carry out a visual inspection of every component in your system, ranging from brake discs, brake hoses, brake lines, brake lights and the electrical system belonging to the brake system.

With today's technology running all through your car, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your battery running low. We offer battery and alternator checks and if you do need a new battery, we can advise you on which one is the right one for your vehicle. Our batteries can be fitted on site and come with a range of warranty options.

Wheels can become misaligned quite easily and happens daily for thousands of people. Road conditions is one of the main reasons wheels become misaligned. After our trusted 3D wheel alignment service not only will your car drive more comfortably, but you can rest in the knowledge that you are far less likely to lose control on the road.